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Have you ever been asked, what are you doing?, and you are either ...


A. Running around town trying to finish all your errands because this is the only day to complete this to-do list.

B. Running around your house or room trying to finish this long list of chores. 

C. Laying in bed with no make-up on, hair totally not done, in sweats and a tee, watching a movie and eating snacks.

D. All of the above!


Yes. We have all be there. We have that one day where we try to cram and complete so much, because you know you are a boss and you get stuff done, or we don't want to look at anything but the inside of our house. We LIVE for our "Ugly Day". That day where we don't have to get up and get cute to impress the outside world. That day where all we are focused on is getting this list done so we can just be done. Either or, that day is catered to you.


This! This is what Live The Gem Collection is all about! 


It's about catering to yourself. It's about being you, the real you, the "Ugly Day" you. Flaws and all, we don't care because IT'S YOU! You are perfect, flawless, and beautiful just the way you are. Even on your "Ugly Day". So throw on those sweats and a tee shirt, run your bath, complete your errands. We are all about helping you be your best, most comfortable, you! You deserve a Me Day!

Join the #MeDay Movement


Are you building a brand and interested in adding milk baths? Or, do you love Live The Gem Collection products and just want a bulk order for a private party or your personal use. Welp! You are in luck! Email us at support@livethegemcollection.com if you are interested in wholesale orders, private labels, or bulk orders over 30.

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