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Sparkling Pear Shower Steamer

Sparkling Pear Shower Steamer

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Elevate your mornings with our Sparkling Pear Shower Steamer—an invigorating addition to your daily routine that transforms your shower into a sensory oasis. Immerse yourself in the enchanting scents of sweet bubbly citrus notes, light floral accents, and the crisp freshness of sea water, creating a festive frozen winter experience that energizes and uplifts.

Designed to elevate your shower experience, Sparkling Pear is infused with menthol crystals, delivering a refreshing burst that invigorates your senses and kickstarts your morning routine. Simply place it in your shower, and let the aromatic symphony transport you to a world of winter bliss.

Make Sparkling Pear a daily ritual as you prepare for your day, allowing the delightful aromas to awaken your senses and set a positive tone for what lies ahead. It's not just a shower steamer; it's a celebration of the joy and freshness that winter brings.

Elevate your everyday routine with Sparkling Pear Shower Steamer—a simple yet luxurious touch that adds a burst of freshness to your mornings. Embrace the festive season, and let Sparkling Pear be your go-to companion for an energizing and uplifting start to your day.


Coconut Milk | Baking Soda | Citric Acid | Cream of Tartar | Frangrance Oil | Hemp Seed Oil | Isopropyl Alcohol | Kaolin Clay | Mica | Polysorbate 80 | Shea Butter | SLSA

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